How To?

Am I eligible for this perk?

  • All VT and MAT staff on a permanent contract working over 10 hours per week are eligible.
  • Employee making the referral must not be subject to any probation period or extension, grievance, disciplinary or poor performance through any informal or formal process.
  • The employee making the referral must have a good appraisal assessment within the same academic year as the referral being made.
  • The employee making the referral must have one year continuous length of service at the Trust (12 consecutive months).
  • Employee's spouses, family members and cohabiting partners are excluded from this scheme.
  • Recruitment Managers or anyone in Leadership is excluded from this scheme.


How to receive this perk?

  • Employee to contact HR to inform them that they have recommended a friend to apply for an advertised vacancy within the Trust.
  • Employee should ensure the applicant who has applied has specified their referral name on the job application form (where it says ' How did you hear about this vacancy?').
  • HR will track the applicant if they successfully get the job. The Employee Referral Scheme award of £250 will be paid directly to the employee who made the referral, once the new member of staff has completed their probationary period and the Principal has authorised completion.
  • Payroll will make the award payment through a PB10.