Strategic Aims

  • to deliver good and better outcomes
  • to build a financially sustainable model
  • to deliver services that provide value for money
  • to be an excellent employer


  • Working together as a wider family of schools, we are able to share best practice in teaching and learning and share a joint approach to supporting our students, staff and parents/carers
  • As the most diverse and inclusive MAT currently in Bristol, spanning both north and south of the City, and including primary, secondary, all-age and a special school - Venturers Trust has a wealth of expertise to draw upon
  • The joint sponsors bring to Venturers Trust outstanding support and expertise in education, alongside a demonstrable commitment to improve the life chances of young people, both during their educational journey and beyond.

For students

A coherent, rich and responsive curriculum that:

  • Establishes high aspirations and expectations
  • Nurtures and celebrates a range of talents and skills
  • Unleashes curiosity and creativity
  • Introduces children to new experiences, situations and challenges
  • Encourages independent minds
  • Builds capacity to be reflective, resilient, resourceful, enterprising and self-assured
  • Provides stretch and challenge, regardless of starting point
  • Supports the development of healthy minds and bodies
  • Develops a respect and responsibility for family, community and the environment.

For parents/ carers

  • A commitment to working in partnership with parents/carers
  • An active involvement in your child’s education
  • Confidence that high educational standards will be maintained and improved.

For staff

  • Active professional learning communities
  • Commitment to a planned programme of continuing professional learning and development
  • The growth of leaders, teachers and associate staff is nurtured and encouraged from within the Trust.

For governors

  • Commitment to excellent training
  • Strategic use of the skills and talents of current governors and considered succession planning
  • Participation in a range of school activities
  • Contributing to the ongoing, positive development of all schools within the Trust.

For Trust partners

  • Supporting the dissemination of best practice across the family of schools – innovation, policy and practice, systems, research, pedagogy
  • Enabling expertise, leaders, materials and support services to be shared across schools
  • Enabling more efficient and effective use of resources
  • Strengthening and coordinating community, business and university links and related opportunities for students and staff.