How To?

Am I eligible for this perk?

  • All VT and MAT staff on a permanent contract working over 10 hours per week.
  • Completed 25 years continual service (the Trust recognises previous service for all employees that have joined the Trust under TUPE transfers).
  • No live performance management / improvement plan or disciplinaries on file.


How to receive this perk?

  • HR team will send a letter to employees once they have reached 25 years of employment (continual service in the Trust). Employees will have 6 months to claim the award.
  • HR will advise academy Principal that a member of their staff is eligible for the award. Principals will get in touch with the employee via a personal letter.
  • Employee decides on a gift of their choice (up to the value of £400). For items greater than £400, employees can use the gifted amount to go towards a more expensive item that they will make additional contribution of cost to. Employee advises HR of their chosen gift.
  • Finance will order and pay for the chosen gift. Any delivery charges incurred will be the responsibility of the employee and not the Trust.