How To?



Am I eligible for this perk?

  • All VT and MAT staff on a permanent contract working over 10 hours per week.
  • Successfully passed induction and probationary periods.


How to receive this perk?

  • Employee to contact HR and request a Travel Ticket Loan application form:

  • HR to discuss with academy Principal and if eligibility is confirmed, HR will email employee with a Loan Application Form and draw up a Loan Agreement - to be signed by CEO of VT and employee.
  • Employee to complete highlighted sections on the Loan Application Form and email back to HR.
  • HR / Payroll will finalise Section Two of the form and send the completed form, with required payment to the relevant travel company to be processed.
  • Payroll will action a PB10 to employee - for monthly repayments.
  • Employee will repay the cost of the travel ticket loan back to the Trust through monthly direct debits, taken directly from their salary (repayment will be at a fixed rate over a fixed period of time).