The Role of Trustees & Governors

The roles of individual Trustees, and subsequently members of a Local Governing Body (LGB) is to work collectively to perform a strategic role and carry out key functions such as:

  • Discuss and set the aims and objectives for the Academies and Trust
  • Set the required policies for achieving those aims and objectives
  • Set the required targets for achieving those aims and objectives
  • Monitor and evaluate the progress that the Academies and Trust is making towards their set aims and objectives
  • Finally the role of role of the Trustees & Academy Governors is to be a source of challenge and support to the Principals i.e. a 'critical friend'

The Trustees and Governors are committed to ensuring that children at the Academies achieve their potential and are well-equipped for life after school. We believe that every child can be successful, and as staff work hard to make sure this happens, we expect our students to do the same.

Venturers Trust is a multi-academy trust. Ultimate responsibility for the Academies within it rests with the Board of Trustees of the Trust but much of the work of the Trust Board is delegated to the LGBs (the Governors of the respective Academies) and details of the Local Governing Bodies can be found on the websites of each Academy. The details of the Trustees of Venturers Trust are listed below and further biographical details can be found here

To contact the Chair of Trustees please email or write to Chair of Trustees, Venturers Trust, Gatehouse Avenue, Bristol, BS13 9AJ.

Accounting Officer

Name Term of Office Summary of Business and Pecuniary Interests (detailed register available below)
David Watson, Chief Executive Officer 20/01/2020 Nil



Name Date of Appointment
Chris Curling 1 Sept 2017
Fiona Francombe 1 Feb 2022
Judith Squires 1 Sept 2017
Katharine Finn 1 Sept 2019
Mike Bothamley 1 Sept 2019


Composition of the Trust Board

Last updated September 2022

SMV - Society of Merchant Venturers; UoB - University of Bristol


Date of Appointment

Term of Office

Term End

Appointed as

Meetings Attended 2021/22

Current Trustees:
Gail Bragg


Appointed Chair 14/02/19

4 Years 13/02/23

Sponsor Trustee (SMV)

Chair of the Trust Board


Gillian Camm


4 Years 18/04/26 Sponsor Trustee (SMV) 6/6

Caroline Duckworth


4 Years


Co-opted Trustee





4 Years


Sponsor Trustee (SMV)

Chair of Finance Committee


Lucy Collins 01/09/19 4 years 31/08/23

Sponsor Trustee (UoB)

Co-Vice Chair & Chair of Pay/HR Committee

Richard Holmes 01/09/19 4 years 31/08/23

Co-opted Trustee

Chair of Audit Committee

David Powell 01/09/19 4 years 31/08/23

Sponsor Trustee (SMV)

Chair of Property & Estates Committee


Sarah Purdy 13/07/20 4 years 12/07/24

Sponsor Trustee UoB)

Co-Vice Chair

Named Trust Board Safeguarding Trustee


Ruth Bailey


4 years


Sponsor Trustee (UoB)


Heather Frankham 09/02/22 4 years  08/02/26

Sponsor Trustee (SMV)

Chair of Educational Standards committee

Nick Weller 08/09/22 4 years 07/09/26 Sponsor Trustee (SMV) n/a
Trustees that have resigned during the past 12 months
Colin Skellett 31/07/21 4 Years Resigned 09/02/22

Sponsor Trustee (SMV)

Chair Educational Standards

Meetings attended 21/22


Jackie Cornish 31/08/21 4 Years Resigned 30/06/22 Sponsor Trustee (SMV)

Meetings attended 21/22