Merchants' Academy students make the grade

Merchants’ Academy is celebrating some excellent results in both GCSEs and vocational subjects.

Students have gained qualifications which will enable them to follow their chosen pathways. Many will join the south Bristol school’s sixth form, MA.16., while others have chosen vocational courses such as Construction, Engineering and Animal Care at local colleges.

A number of students achieved high GCSE grades and Distinctions in BTECs

Among the high performers was Kaylee Beard, who achieved 7s or above in English, Maths, Science and Spanish and Distinctions in Health & Social Care and Digital Technology. Ewan Cameron did equally well with 7s or higher in English, Maths and Science and Distinctions in Food and Business Studies while Asia Mohammed gained three 8s, two 7s and two 6s and a Distinction in Sport. 

Kaylee, who  is off to St Brendan’s Sixth Form College to study A-levels in Geography, Criminology and Psychology, said: “I’m very happy with my grades, especially Spanish.”

Ewan will start a catering course at Weston College. He said: “I have enjoyed my time at Merchants’ Academy. My teachers have supported me and I have made good friends along the way.

Asia will stay on at MA.16., the school’s sixth form, to study A-levels in Biology, Chemistry and Maths. She said: “I surprised myself with my grades in Biology and History and I am satisfied with my grades overall. I’m glad I did sport too, as it is very important. I’m grateful to my teachers for encouraging me.”

Other students who gained high grades included Jasmine Jones, Karoline Ras, Poppy Souch and Daria Todd.

David Powell, Interim Headteacher said “We are exceedingly proud of our students for the tenacity they have shown in gaining these results.  The fact that they have achieved these successes despite having their education being disrupted by the pandemic speaks volumes of their desire to achieve and the support they have received from the school staff and their parents.”

Robert Bourns, Chair of Governors at Merchants’ Academy, said: “Many congratulations to all our students on their hard work and excellent results. It is great to see them doing well across a wide range of subjects. They are fantastic young people and we wish them every success.”


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