Venturers Trust Admissions Consultation 2024-2025

Consultation on 2024/25 Admission Arrangements

Venturers Trust is now consulting on the proposed admission arrangements for academies within the Trust for the academic year 2024/25. 

Venturers Trust as the admissions authority is seeking comments on the following proposed changes to their academies.

Merchants’ Academy
Gatehouse Avenue, Bristol, BS13 9AJ (secondary)
Hareclive Road, Bristol, BS13 9AX (primary)


Change to oversubscription criteria for Reception and Year 7 for 2024/2025 admissions. The proposal will prioritise families of service personnel over distance to the academy, as shown below.

Priority order for 2024/2025:
a. Looked after child or previously looked after child
b. Children with a sibling attending the academy at the time of application
c. Families of service personnel with a confirmed posting to the area, or crown services returning from overseas to live in the area
d. Distance – children living closest to the academy as measured in a direct line from the child’s permanent home address to the academy.

Who is being consulted?
This consultation is for the specific attention of:
• Parents of children between the ages of two and eighteen;
• Other persons in the relevant area who have an interest in the proposed admissions;
• All other admission authorities within the relevant area;
• The local authority;
• Adjoining neighbouring local authorities

How to Respond
The consultation will run from 21st November 2022 - 13th January 2023. You are invited to submit comments in writing about the proposals above to the Chair of Trustees, Mrs Gail Bragg, by email to or written response to Chair of Trustees, Venturers Trust, Gatehouse Avenue, Bristol, BS13 9AJ. 

Following the consultation period Venturers Trust will consider any comment received and how to proceed. Admission arrangements for 2024 will be determined by 28th February 2023. Any subsequent objections will need to be made to the Office of the Schools Adjudicator by 15th May 2023.

To view the full proposed admissions arrangements 2024/25 please click here