How To?

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Am I eligible for this perk?

  • Be an employee on a permanent contract working over 10 hours per week.
  • Be employed in a teaching or student facing support staff / associate post.
  • Have successfully passed all probation and induction periods.
  • Have worked for the Trust for a minimum of 12 months consecutively with no live performance management / improvement plan or disciplinaries on file.
  • Be willing to sign in advance of the course starting and adhere to the Training Agreement along with signing a Venturers Trust Contract.
  • Be willing to pay 25% of the annual fee of the MSc, which will be deducted from your salary monthly for the duration of the annual training agreement.
  • Understand that you must seek the endorsement off your academy Principal and that their decision is final and there is no right of appeal - if rejected you can apply again on an annual basis to a maximum of 3 times.
  • Understand that no study time or absence from work to complete the course is permitted.
  • Understand that if you leave the organisation through resignation, full repayment of all costs incurred to the actual resignation date and within the actual academic year is required.


How to receive this perk?

  • Employee to contact their academy Principal to discuss joining the scheme and seek their endorsement.
  • Employee to complete an MSc Funding Request Application by 10th September (applications available to download from Carval). Applications need to be signed by your Principal.
  • The Principal will confirm approval to the Trust via emailing the completed application to HR.
  • Panel of governors will consider, approve or reject the request - this happens on an annual basis. Successful employees will be contacted by HR.
  • HR will devise the Repayment Schedule and draw up a Training Agreement between the Trust and the employee.
  • Employee to agree to Repayment Schedule and sign the Training Agreement (this will need to be completed 5 weeks prior to course commencement).
  • Payroll will deduct the agreed monthly payments direct from employee's salary.