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BBC Radio Interview to mark the return of the Queen Galadriel


The Queen Galadriel has been travelling around the British coastline for the past eight weeks as a unique place of learning for students, going by The Wettest Classroom on Earth. On Friday 26th July, she returned to her starting point back in Bristol harbour.

Students and staff from Venturers Trust and The Cirdan Sailing Trust joined with BBC Radio Bristol @bbcrb for live interviews on board the Queen Galadriel as she was docked up in the Floating Harbour in Bristol over the weekend.

Radio interview at end(5)

Radio interview at end(3)

A early morning rise and shine and return visit to the Wettest Classroom on Earth for some shipmates from Merchants' Academy and The Dolphin School and the fantastic opportunity to share their personal experiences from the voyage with radio presenter Martin Evans (@thinktwink) live on BBC Radio Bristol on the Breakfast show with @AliRVowles.

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Listen to the interview here

(Only available for a limited amount of time online)


Highlights from the radio interview below:

The children have been absolutely fantastic, they make the trip for us!

It is just fantastic to see the young people grow from the moment they set foot on the ship to when they leave. They really come out of themselves - gaining confidence and new skills, you can really see it in their own eyes, it's just fantastic to see.

Skipper Louis, From The Cirdan Trust

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My highlight of the trip was seeing all the wildlife. We saw a minke whale breaching, some people saw a large pod of dolphins and we also saw a friendly seal.

Day4 leg2 img 20190604 wa0006

Seeing all this nature in the wild It made me feel amazed and I will cherish this moment for a very long time, I will never forget it!

Young Shipmate from The Dolphin School

Day 3 dolphins

My highlight was seeing all the amazing scenery, as we went through all the various locks in the canal  system in Scotland. the scenery was not something we would normally see in the city, it was breathtaking.

Young Shipmate from Merchants' Academy

Day5 Leg6 (3)

I really enjoyed the trip, apart from being sick!

I would definitely do it again!

Young Shipmate from The Dolphin School

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I especially enjoyed having the opportunity to learn how to cook for 18 people a day - we don't learn cooking in the classroom!

We also had to clean everything ourselves! Many people don't do that at home, so they had to learn how to do that too on the trip!

Young shipmate, Merchants' Academy

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We have people coming back years later who say these trips away at sea are the turning point in their life.

Leonie Back  - CEO The Cirdan sailing Trust

LEG4 Day1 ipswich departureIMG 20190615 WA0018

Team work was essential. We all learnt how important it was in order to get all the jobs done efficiently.

Since the trip everyone has grown stronger and has a much closer bond now.

Young Shipmate from Merchants' Academy

Leg7 isleofman nr holyhead(2)

It was amazing to see the students all working together.

seeing everyone from each school come together and help each other with the daily tasks, this was absolutely brilliant.

Merchants' Academy staff shipmate, Bianca Ramsden

Leg6 day1(1)

The Wettest Classroom on Earth has been a fantastic initiative. Just listening to all the stories from these young people and for them to have these opportunities available to do these kinds of exciting things - that will undoubtedly transform their lives.

This experience has been life changing for them all!

At Venturers Trust We really believe that everything is possible for everybody and that you just have to give people the opportunity to experience it... these young people have been amazing ambassadors for the trust. 

Caroline Duckworth, Venturers Trust Governing Board

Radio interview at end(5)

It has been a life changing experience for my son, he now understands the value of commitment, dedication and team work... and it also means that when he gets home he is able to scrub my floors!!

Shipmate's Parent

Day4 leg3(3)

This opportunity was all about real life experiences for the young people, learning outside the classroom and doing things they have never done before. 

It has been fantastic that students from three schools within Venturers Trust have been able to take part in this life changing opportunity.

Caroline Duckworth, Venturers Trust Governing Board

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Martin Evans signing off for BBC Radio Bristol:


Radio inerview at end (2)We have had a wonderful morning on board the Queen Galadriel.

we have seen lots of smiles and spoke to lots of children who's lives have been enhanced incredibly.


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