Posted on: 20/06/2019

Students promote 'cleaner air' for Bristol

Academies across the trust are always striving to promote the eco-friendly and greener choice, with schools installing recycling bins and organising whole-school awareness days to gibe students the opportunity to discuss issues on climate change and plastic pollution.

Many primary schools in the trust have introduced eco projects like, vegetable patches and tree planting schemes, with The Kingfisher School in St Anne's Park, planting a whole new orchard kindly donated by The Woodland Trust.

TKS trees(3) TKS trees(2) 

Our tree planting scheme is a fantastic opportunity for children at kingfisher school to learn about the role trees have in our environment.

Students have been discussing climate change issues and are excited to be able to help their community by planting their own fruit trees!

The children have been enjoying 'out of the classroom' learning, in the sunshine. Many Thanks to Anna from the @WoodlandTrust for her time and enthusiasm.

#kingfisherlearning #healthy

TKS trees(1)

Other academies continue to promote 'green' forms of commute to school, with lift sharing and walking buses promoted. Students at Venturers' Academy in Withywood have the opportunity to learn how to ride a bike with regular class lessons and the opportunity to complete an accredited Bikability course.

Students and staff from The Dolphin School in Montpelier have been actively getting involved in their local community eco-friendly projects and helping raise awareness of the poor air quality and congestion issues in Bristol #CleanAirDay2019.

Students at the school designed their own placards and banners to wave at passersby, as they stood outside their school, demonstrating about alternative more eco-friendly opportunities available in the local area that reduce air pollution issues.



Students as young as nursery age were excited to join in with the clean air awareness demonstration, joining in with national Clean Air Day 2019 awareness.

CleanAir(2)The children were outside with their signs, cheering as a cyclist, walker or scooter went past!

Shelley Flanagan, Principal


Twitter Logo Tweet from a passing cyclist - 20th June '19:

When I was cycling to work this morning loads of kids were outside with signs asking people to think about using other forms of transport and turn engines off when dropping people at school!

So inspiring to see kids trying to change the world!

Principal, Shelley Flanagan was interviewed by BBC Radio Bristol to discuss how the academy got involved in the campaign.

The children took the initiative to run the campaign, they are very passionate about environmental issues.

As an academy we wanted to give them the platform to build awareness and promote alternative methods to travel, like walking, cycling, scootering or 'Park & stride' (encouraging parents to park away from the school and walk the last bit in).

They discussed about a variety of 'green' projects the academy is involved in and how they promote everyday eco-friendly alternatives to their students. Encouraging use of public transport links to get to school, organising litter picking around the school, introducing compositing on their rooftop garden and recycling plastic in art projects.

They also discussed the introduction of a 'walking bus' for Dolphin School students.

It's brilliant that we have a whole new generation on activists, and it's great to see young people driving this type of campaign.

Claire Cavahagh, BBC Radio BrisoTol​

TDS BBCRadio Shelley CleanAir2019


View the interview at BBC.CO.UK - Listen from 2h26m  -  Click Here

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