Posted on: 04/04/2019

Students join together for annual trust Spelling Bee


Primary students from across the trust joined together on April 4th to compete in a spelling competition, organised and held by Merchants' Academy Primary.

There is Such a 'buzz' in the atmosphere at MA Primary today, for the second ever Venturers trust Spelling Bee!

Map spellingbee2


Students from Merchants' Academy welcomed teams from The Dolphin School, Bannerman Road Community Academy, The Kingfisher School, Barton Hill Academy and The Kingfisher School for the exciting competition, wth each academy bringing two selected teams of two, from both year 5 and 6.

Well done to everyone that participated and a special congratulations to the year 5 team at Merchants' Academy and the year 6 team at The Dolphin School who took home the winning trophies.

Map spellingbee1

Spellingbee bh

What a great event! Well done to all that took part!

I heard the winners tiebreak question was quite a hard one too!

#workingtogether #futureofourcommunity

The Dolphin School




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