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Wettestclassroom logo 01The Wettest Classroom on Earth - 2019

Follow the shipmates exciting journey and stay up to date with the ship's news and photos across all eight legs / 62 days at sea!



Daily blog posts:

Leg 4 - Day 3 - Lowestoft to Scarborough overnight sail

Day 3 - 17th June

(Lowestoft to Scarborough sailing overnight)

News from the ship: "Shipmates have been taking advantage of the fresh water in Lowestoft marina and spraying down the ropes.

They also fuelled the ship up to it's capacity which is 2420 litres!

IMG 20190617 WA0004

The shipmates plan their sail north, with Scarborough as the next expected point of call.

IMG 20190617 WA0005

Pictured: Lunch team prepare lunch for the shipmates.

IMG 20190617 WA0006

Cheese and tomato pasta with vegetables and the infamous chocolate brownies are being prepared by the lunch team.

..and the're off! Sailing north!

IMG 20190616 WA0011

IMG 20190617 WA0002

Screenshot 2019 06 17 at 14.19.53

IMG 20190617 WA0007    IMG 20190617 WA0010

IMG 20190617 WA0001   IMG 20190617 WA0008

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Leg 4 - Day 2 - Shotley Gate to Lowestoft

Day 2 - 16th June

(Shotley Point to Lowestoft)

News from the ship: "Most people have slept ok onboard the ship for their first night. Shipmates have planned a 9 hour sail up to Lowestoft for today. The day has started calm, with the sun out and the wind and waves behind the ship.

Plenty of new deck skills are being learnt - rope coiling, teamwork to pull up different sails throughout the boat and finding their sea legs as they move around the ship.

IMG 20190616 WA0003    IMG 20190616 WA0002

IMG 20190616 WA0004

IMG 20190616 WA0009IMG 20190616 WA0008

IMG 20190616 WA0001

Pictured: The route of the ship on Day 2.

Screenshot 2019 06 17 at 09.21.56

Land ahoy!

IMG 20190616 WA0006   IMG 20190616 WA0007

Screenshot 2019 06 17 at 09.22.34

Pictured: Lowestoft by night.

IMG 20190617 WA0000

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Leg 4 - Day 1 - Ipswich to Shotley Gate

Shipmates from Venturers' Academy travelled over from Bristol on Friday 14th June and spent their first night away from home camping at Tomcat Farm. It was a great way to start the student's adventure, with a group meal out in the evening and excellent team work to get everyone's tents up ready for their first night away from home.

Leg 4 campingIMG 20190614 WA0000


Day 1 - 15th June

(Ipswich to Shotley Gate)

LEG4 Day1 ipswich departureIMG 20190615 WA0001News from the ship: 

"Everyone found their bunk beds and learnt which team they would be in for the voyage, with the initial lunch crew setting straight on to lunch prep after their welcome briefing.


To ease the shipmates into sailing and living onboard the Queen Galadriel, Day 1 was a short journey down the river Orwell from Ipswich marina and into a mooring location on the mouth of the river Stour.

Shipmates were all hands on deck helping take off the docking lines, untie the fenders and then recoil all the lines to ensure the deck was kept safe and tidy.

LEG4 Day1 ipswich departureIMG 20190615 WA0008

LEG4 Day1 ipswich departureIMG 20190615 WA0013

An excellent start to Leg 4 of the #wettestClassroomonEarth as the sun in shining, which can make all the difference to the student's apprehension about the exciting adventure ahead.

Venturers' Academy staff shipmate


LEG4 Day1 ipswich departureIMG 20190615 WA0018

Smiles all round - All the students are enjoying life on the water!

LEG4 Day1 ipswich departureIMG 20190615 WA0010    LEG4 Day1 ipswich departureIMG 20190615 WA0020

LEG4 Day1 ipswich departureIMG 20190615 WA0011

LEG4 Day1 ipswich departureIMG 20190615 WA0007

LEG4 Day1 ipswich departureIMG 20190615 WA0009  LEG4 Day1 ipswich departureIMG 20190615 WA0019  LEG4 Day1 ipswich departureIMG 20190615 WA0002

No fear from Poppy on Day 1 - as she ventures out on to the bowsprit netting to untie a sail ready.

LEG4 Day1 ipswich departureIMG 20190615 WA0012 LEG4 Day1 ipswich departureIMG 20190615 WA0002


LEG4 Day1 ipswich departureIMG 20190615 WA0005

Everyone's spirits were high, as the ship sailed down the river - with the shipmates singing 'We are sailing'.

The ship spent the first night at Shotley Gate just at the mouth of the river Stour, just before open sea, which they will venture out into tomorrow morning.











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Leg 3 - Day 7 - Ipswich

Day 7 - 14th June


News from the ship: "Shipmates wake up early to do a final 'happy hour cleaning session' of the ship ready for the next group of shipmates to join in the morning and begin Leg 4."

Day 7 leg 3


The shipmates thank the crew and wave goodbye to the ship, as they set foot back on dry land for the final time.

A massive well done to the young shipmates on their achievements this last week. Congratulations to Oliver, Riva, Cora, Ruby, Billy, Reece and Oliver.

Leg 3 - Poole to Ipswich = DONE!

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Leg 3 - Day 6 - Activity day near Ipswich

Day 6 - 13th June

(Activity Day at Shotley Gate)

pancakes are being cooked this morning for breakfast in preparation for our last full day on board the Queen Galadriel.

Knowle dge shipmates

News from the ship: "Today the shipmates have been learning how to drive the tender, row the tender and climb the rigging!"

Day6 leg3(3)

Day6 leg3(2)

Day6 leg3(4)


On the final sail the shipmates placed the homemade trawl in the sea and dragged it behind the ship to see how much surface plastic was in the sea near Ipswich.

20190614 080933

Day 7

Day5or6 leg3(2)An eventful evening yesterday. After a slip on board for one shipmate. They went ashore to be checked over medically and Thankfully are all ok & have rejoined the ship.


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Leg 3 - Day 5 - Sailing north from Ramsgate

Day 5 - 12th June

(Sailing from Ramsgate towards Ipswich)

News from the ship: "After breakfast the ship sets sail - with another full day of sailing lying ahead for the shipmates!"


Day5 leg3(3)

Day5 leg3(2)

Day5 leg3(1)

Pictured: Today really has been the Wettest Classroom on Earth! As the ship completes the final main sail up towards Ipswich, in the pouring rain. It was great to see today's spirits managing to stay so high!

Day6 leg3(1)

Screenshot 2019 06 13 at 15.37.07

Sailing into the mouth of the river Orwell.

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Leg 3 - Day 4 - Ramsgate

Day Four - 11th June


News from the ship: "Shipmates talk of their "epic sail" through the night as they wake up in Ramsgate.

During the night watch each team took it in turns to complete a three hour watch. This involved steering the ship, ensuring they avoided large ferries and container ships and taking a regular log to include the ship's position and checking they remain on course to their destination."

Leg3 Day4(2)We made it to Ramsgate after 135 nautical miles and are now busy cooking bacon for all the crew.

We hope to go swimming today and recovery from the long night!

Knowle DGE shipmates

Leg3 Day4(1)    Day4 leg3(4)

Day4 leg3(3)

Pictured: Shipmates are set to work after breakfast - scrubbing the sides of the ship while it's docked in the marina at Ramsgate.


After the cleaning chores, shipmates relax and visit the beach for a swim.


We have had a lovely day at Ramsgate playing beach games, paddling in the sea and having more fish and chips!

It has been nice to recover after sailing for 24 hours!

Passmores Academy shipmates



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Leg 3 - Day 3 - Cowes to Ramsgate

Day Three - 10th June

(Sailing from Cowes overnight to Ramsgate)

News from the ship: "Shipmates have left the Isle of Wight and continue their journey through the Solent and towards Ipswich.


Screenshot 2019 06 10 at 14.10.55

The shipmates learn about navigation onboard the ship, setting the ship's course to sail to Ramsgate!

Day3,Leg3 sailing to ramsgate

Everyone is excited about a sail through the night, which will involve people taking it in turns to be on lookout on top deck, looking out for other vessels, bouys, etc."

Day3,leg3   log book

Pictured: Shipmates filling in the log book, ensuring they stay on course.

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Leg 3 - Day 2 - Poole to Cowes

Day Two - 9th June

(Poole to Cowes, Isle of Wight)

News from the ship: "Shipmates rise early to prepare the boat for their first sail, learning how to scrub the deck. They learn about how this is a daily requirement - scrubbing salt water over the wooden timber, to keep the wooden deck from shrinking, which would increase the risk of leaks occurring below deck.

Day2leg3 knowleedge2   Day2leg3 knowleedge1

Now it's time to leave the crowds behind as the Wettest Classroom on Earth departs for Cowes, on the Isle of Wight!

Day2 tocowes1

Day2 tocowes2

Day2 tocowes3

20190609 175531   20190609 175548

Day2 leg3knowledge4

Pictured: Shipmates going up on the front bowsprit to pull in a sail.
Day2 leg3knowledge3


First day of sailing to Cowes complete! The students have learnt valuable skills today!

Passmores Academy

Lunch today was sausage rolls with beans and homemade peanut butter cookies for all. The shipmates are getting more independent at preparing meals for each other, with less help from the staff needed.

Day2 dinner

This evening the shipmates were lucky to go on land and have a shower, potentially the last opportunity for a while!


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Leg 3 - Day 1 - Poole

Day One - 8th June

(Poole Boat Show Day 2)

Day1 leg3arrived poole

News from the ship: "Shipmates from the Cambian Group (UK group of schools), Passmores Academy (based in Harlow, Essex) and Knowle DGE (part of Learn@ MAT and based in Bristol) have come together in Poole and have joined the ship in the middle of Poole Boat Show.

Day1 leg3knowledge boat show

Highlights from day one include eating fish and chips, ice cream and some team building football skills on dry land.

Day1leg3 2

Day1leg3 3

Night one - Team Knowle DGE shipmates are on dinner duty and have made a three course dinner for 17. Everyone has enjoyed getting to know all the crew and are lucky to be in town the evening of the huge fireworks display to celebrate the Poole Boat Show.

Day1 leg3knowledge1 dinner

Everyone is looking forward to their first day of sailing tomorrow!"

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Leg 2 - Day 7 - Poole

Day Seven - 7th June

(Poole Harbour Festival Day 1)

News from the ship: "Shipmates spent the night docked at Poole, which was a wise choice as during the night the heavens opened and storm Miguel made an appearance with strong wind gusts and plenty of rain to add to the Wettest Classroom!

Day6 sail img 20190606 wa0015

8f915f67 e974 4965 b014 ee2f573ee5c5

Day7 img 20190607 wa0002


Shipmates completed final clean up duties to prepare the ship for Leg 3. Then the Skipper debriefed the shipmates on the voyage and handed out certificates to the students congratulating them on their achievements, including awarding their internationally recognised RYA yachting certificates. Well done to them all!”

Dcfaf582 da05 4a05 a08c 0fb01c9df5de

9def647d 3d19 4c88 901f 9cad6525b554

The shipmates thank the crew and wave goodbye to the ship, as they set foot back on dry land for the final time.

A massive well done to the young shipmates on their achievements this last week. Congratulations to Jacob, Ainsley, Lakhile, Raf and Freddie.

Leg 2 - Fowey to Poole = DONE!

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Leg 2 - Day 6 - Portland to Poole

Day Six - 6th June

(Portland to Poole)

News from the ship: “Leg 2 of the Wettest Classroom on Earth is nearly complete with the shipmates sailing from Fowey to Poole in time to exhibit the boat at the annual Poole Boat Show at the weekend.

3cc999ed 89b0 46ca 9365 e2b635d126b9

Everyone enjoyed a full sail all the way from Portland to Poole. With the ship not taking down the sails until they sailed past Old Harry’s Rocks and into the entrance to Poole harbour.

- 3 sails at the front of the ship, 3 sails in the middle and 1 sail at the back.

B5350d61 6df6 4182 9c55 e8dc977669f1   B3d4d85e 14cd 4164 b3fe ea8ac1fa485e   C28a58ea c7c0 42a1 b64c 80a8c356989d   Cc330684 a08e 4883 92ea 689a30dbab52    01c1808b dfaa 420c 9dba 0f225a3001b7

Day6 leg2 img 1002

Day6 leg2 img 1001  

During the sail the students also placed the homemade trawl into the sea to see what surface debris was in the water. They analysed their findings and discovered that during the 2 hour surface water trawl they had collected numerous baby fish, 3 different coloured invertebrates, a tiny jellyfish and only a few pieces of plastic pollution.

218fc1c9 9c5b 428d a301 927ae7ac405c   


During the sail shipmates also learnt about safety at sea, how to attract attention if they are in danger and different pieces of apparatus available to them on the ship in an emergency - First Mate Sam’s yellow bag of fun!

369bc4da ea9f 41d3 8a6b 2e2c5e54be72    6ebc27d2 df0b 4898 9aa9 fa3172913ee8


The healthy eating meal plans continue to be well received by all the shipmates and many have been taking photos of the recipes and are looking forward to showing off their culinary skills once back on dry land.

F126eb95 3bf9 4789 ab83 0559b0b615ef

Edbe1ad1 ec40 4790 beb9 2cc471c9aaba

On entering the bay the students spotted enormous barrel jelly fish and a fascinating parachute display from the Special Boat Service out in the bay on a training exercise. 

E6f45fcd 15b7 439f 9f41 dfb1938acee9    B5350d61 6df6 4182 9c55 e8dc977669f1


Once docked in Poole the students brainstormed all their highlights together and each drew a picture of their favourite activities and sightings from the voyage.

99ff0bfa b117 4c13 a76b dc57eca870fbA6bbd161 72c8 4919 803a e889722fbdbc


The shipmates finished all deck cleaning and tidying away duties before dinner. After dinner they were able to visit the shower block for a well deserved shower in time for going home tomorrow.”

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Leg 2 - Day 5 - Isle of Portland

 Day Five - 5th June

(Isle of Portland)

1b195acd 1083 4ad3 b7e8 409f15fa92c8News from the ship: “Shipmates have woken to a pleasant morning in Portland harbour and their Skipper is planning a day full of activities off the Isle of Portland.


Day5 img 20190605 wa0005They also learnt how to drive the ship’s tender, row the tender in case of engine failure and throw ropes to achieve the greatest distance.”



 Day5 img 20190605 wa0004

Everyone showed bravery, climbing right to the top of the ship's riggings - 20m up!

92525cdb 99b0 4005 b321 5fa92b7b596b  Day5 20190605 151253  Day5 img 20190605 wa0003  Day5 img 20190605 wa0001   7e4c549d f7bc 4af1 80ea a9b9bd685e08  B2d2cdeb c79c 48e3 a7cd e9c9ae5c5515

Everyone was ready for lunch - alfresco on the deck. Sweet potato and Spanish sausage soup, delicious. Jacob and Ainsley were adamant they would not like the soup, and both found it very tasty!

1cc49282 9c87 41e7 b840 7db420b381ac   9db8748f a7fd 4b09 9007 ee8f77bf0ce2E3aa7111 c651 4136 ab58 e08d97800e15


A visit to Chesil beach was in order after lunch! Here Ainsley took it upon himself to do a beach clean up - searching for plastic pollution.

Day5 20190605 162242

Day5 img 20190605 wa0006 

Day5 img 20190605 wa0013   Day5 20190605 172013


Cb030ee3 0ab0 4639 9365 67b265b273ff

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Leg 2 - Day 4 - Start Point to Isle of Portland

Day Four - 4th June

(Start Point to Portland Harbour)

Day4 leg2 img 20190604 wa0003News from the ship: "The shipmates rise early, prepare breakfast and get on their way - sailing towards Weymouth.

Shipmates are excited by the arrival of a pod of dolphins, that dance around the hull of the ship and jump out of the water by the bowsprit (check out the videos on @VenturersAc Twitter page).

Day4 leg2 img 20190604 wa0006

Day3 leg2 img 20190603 wa0005   Day3 leg2 img 20190603 wa0014


Day 3

Screenshot 2019 06 04 at 15.29.04
Current location of the ship at 3:30pm today!
Pictured: The ship is sailing towards Portland harbour, Isle of Portland. 









The ship arrived into Portland, steered into port by Miss!

E6f45fcd 15b7 439f 9f41 dfb1938acee9   076b9af8 524b 4f6f b44a 3d1db5781e6e

B2d2cdeb c79c 48e3 a7cd e9c9ae5c5515 

Ainsley spotted a jellyfish floating at the surface as the ship dropped anchor in Portland harbour.

44a1b32a 8f34 44f1 8885 34e132b1414923a58bd5 1c59 4f16 843c 6e68d346f2ab

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Leg 2 - Day 3 - Plymouth to Start Point

Day Three - 3rd June

(Plymouth to Start Point)

News from the ship: "Shipmates are very proud of their home from home, keeping it clean from all the salt spray."

Day3 leg2 img 20190603 wa0002  Day3 leg2 img 20190603 wa0003

Day2 leg2 fowey plymouth img 20190602 wa0017

Day2 leg2 fowey plymouth img 20190602 wa0030
The route is decided, another day of sailing lies ahead.

Day2 leg2 fowey plymouth img 20190602 wa0022

Goodbye Plymouth

Day3 leg2 img 20190603 wa0007  

Day4 leg2 queen galariel day 3 leg 2

The shipmates enjoy a glorious afternoon sailing (snoozing) in the sunshine. Winds have changed slightly resulting in the motion of the ocean beginning to pick up again. well done to Lakhile who is keeping everyone's spirits up with a sing-a-long.

Day3 leg2 IMG 20190603 WA0024  Day3 leg2 IMG 20190603 WA0023  Day3 leg2 IMG 20190603 WA0021

The shipmates sleep the night at Start Point, near Kingsbridge.

Screenshot 2019 06 04 at 15.29.58

Day2 leg2 fowey plymouth img 20190602 wa0027

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Leg 2 - Day 2 - Fowey to Plymouth

Day Two - 2nd June

(Fowey to Plymouth)

News from the ship: "Shipmates enjoyed their first sail, some more than others (sea sickness strikes again)!

Day2 leg2 fowey plymouth img 20190602 wa0026

My favourite part of the day was hoisting the sails.

Jacob, age 12

Day2 leg2 fowey plymouth img 20190602 wa0018

My best part of the day was working as a team with my friends.

Ainsley, age 10.

Day3 leg2 img 20190603 wa0009

Day 3 leg 2

Day2 leg2 fowey plymouth img 20190602 wa0021   Day2 leg2 fowey plymouth img 20190602 wa0012

Day2 leg2 fowey plymouth img 20190602 wa0019

I love just watching the water!

Raf, age 12

Day2 leg2 fowey plymouth img 20190602 wa0031

The ship sailed into Plymouth with a beautiful backdrop - a lovely end to day 2 onboard the Queen Galadriel."

WettestClassroom LOGO 01


Leg 2 - Day 1 - Fowey

Day1 leg2 fowey img 20190601 wa0005

Day1 leg1 bus down img 20190601 wa0001

Lakhile gets creative on the mini bus journey down to the ship!


Day One - 31st June


News from the ship: New shipmates have joined the Queen Galadriel! The change over happened in Fowey harbour, where four new students from Venturers' Academy joined the ship along with some shipmates from a school in the The Cambian Group.

Students were set to work straight away, learning to scrub the deck and tidy away ropes.

Day1 leg2 fowey img 20190601 wa0008   Day1 leg2 fowey img 20190601 wa00111

Day1 leg2 fowey img 20190601 wa0004

Fowey Harbour


The shipmates planned their journey with their Skipper Louis, learning how to read charts and look at the predicted weather forecast.

Day1 leg2 fowey img 20190601 wa0018

Day1 leg2 fowey img 20190601 wa0017


Throughout the voyage, shipmates will work in different teams, encouraging team work and enabling each team to learn different roles each day. 

Day1 leg2 fowey img 20190601 wa0013During his galley duties, Raf masters egg cracking after preparing scrambled eggs for everyone!

WettestClassroom LOGO 01


Leg 1 - Day 7 - Fowey

Day Seven - 31th May


News from the ship: Shipmates have been looking back on their last six days at sea, the challenges they have faced and the personal experiences that they feel have helped them learn more about themselves.

I have Learnt how to believe in myself and that has boosted my self-esteem.

and now I can build resilience towards my peers.

now I can enhance my social skills even further, increase my confidence and be more braver than i ever was before.

IMG 20190530 WA0021Day 5   sailing in the mist IMG 20190529 WA0005Day 6 IMG 20190530 WA0001

On the last morning on the ship, the shipmates pack their bags ready for departure. There are just a few hours left aboard the Queen Galadriel to complete some final fun activities with the crew from Cirdan Trust - crabbing, rib driving, climbing the rigging and updating the charts to name a few.

Day 7 crabbing  Day 7 rigging  Screenshot 2019 05 31 at 09.49.19 Day 7 chart

Day 6 IMG 20190530 WA0015

The shipmates thank the crew and wave goodbye to the ship, as they set foot back on dry land for the final time.

A massive well done to the young shipmates on their achievements this last week. Congratulations to Jamie, Luke, Leon, Jack, Tacari, Tallulah, Fern, Esme and Ciara.

Leg 1 - Bristol to Fowey = DONE!

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Leg 1 - Day 6 - Falmouth to Fowey

Day Six - 30th May

(Falmouth to Fowey)

News from the ship: "Shipmates had a misty sail around Lizard point as they sail towards Helford Estuary.

Shipmates enjoy the calmer seas and sitting up on deck hunting for the Cornish coast through the mist."

Day 5   sailing in the mist IMG 20190529 WA0008

Day 6 IMG 20190530 WA0004   Day 5   sailing in the mist IMG 20190529 WA0002

Students have experienced mixed emotions the last few days on the ship, from extreme seas and sea sickness around Lands End point to a quote from one shipmate saying;

I am happy onboard for a week. I wish it could be longer!

Leon, age 14

Day 5   sailing in the mist IMG 20190529 WA0000

Day 5   sailing in the mist Day 5   plastic collect(1)To research surface level plastic in the seas, the ship has been dragging a home-made filter that will collect rubbish and micro-plastics on the surface of the water. Students will keep a chart of their findings.

The collection sparked conversation onboard the ship, giving students the opportunity to discuss the problems of water pollution, single-use plastic issues and micro-plastic in the sea.


Students have also been making the most of the calmer seas, sitting up on deck and learning how to tie knots.

Others have been on look out and taking a climb up the rigging! 

Day 5   sailing in the mist Day 5   knots Screenshot 2019 05 31 at 09.44.47

Day 5   sailing in the mist Day 5 on deck

Land ahoy! - The shipmates spot Fowey!

 Day 6 Day 6 IMG 20190530 WA0013

Day 6 complete, the shipmates drop anchor at their final port of call - Fowey.IMG 20190530 WA0025

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Leg 1 - Day 5 - Newlyn Bay to Falmouth

Day Five - 29th May

(Newlyn Bay to Falmouth)

Day4 safetyplanning(1)"Always remember you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think"

News from the ship: "Shipmates have been learning about how to keep safe in a life raft with a ‘Grab ‘n’ Go Bag’." 


 The ship's ETA at 3pm:Screenshot 2019 05 29 at 14.50.11



7pm: Anchored off Falmouth - End of Day 5.

Day 4 IMG 20190529 WA0013

Day 4 mealThe evening was spent studying the charts with their Skipper Louis, planning their route and being prepared for the morning sail around Lizard point.


Everyone enjoyed the Dolphin student's homemade curry and brownies for dinner. Full bellies all round!


Day 5 supper(1)   Day 5 supper(2)Day 4 IMG 20190529 WA0012

Day 5 supper(3)

Wettestclassroom logo 01


Leg 1 - Day 4 - Newlyn Bay

Day Four - 28th May

(Newlyn Bay)

News from the ship: "Shipmates enjoy a more relaxed 'rest & activity' day in Newlyn Bay, after a tiring day sailing around Lands End yesterday."

Day 4 in port day 3

Day 4   in port day

Day 4   in port day(2)

Day 4 playing battleships"Students enjoy playing battleships (ironary aside) whilst they wait for their fellow shipmates to make homemade lunch of Mediterranean Vegetable Pastries."





All the students are so brilliant and brave.

well done to The Dolphin School students for being so supportive and kind, so everyone can all achieve, overcome barriers and succeed together

#TogetherStronger #KindnessMatters

Day 4   team work

Pictured: Students analyse tide times and plan tomorrow’s sail to Falmouth.

IMG 20190528 WA0011 IMG 20190528 WA0009

Day 4 Newlyn(8)  Day 4 Newlyn(9)


Day 4 Newlyn(7)"After cleaning duties the shipmates head ashore to regain some balance (and maybe a shower), after three days at sea.


The students are put to work by the crew - scrubbing the deck and the bathrooms!


IMG 20190528 WA0018

IMG 20190528 WA0017

IMG 20190528 WA0012

IMG 20190528 WA0013Everyone enjoyed exploring the beach and a nice Fish & Chips dinner."

Day 4 Newlyn(5)

IMG 20190528 WA0015

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Leg 1 - Day 3 - Sailing around Lands End to Newlyn Bay

Day Three - 27th May

(Around Lands End to a sheltered Newlyn Bay)

News from the ship: The shipmates have had their first dolphin encounter as the ship made its way south towards Lands End.

"The early watch team this morning were treated to a pod of around 10 dolphins including a couple of babies."

Day 3 dolphins

Day 3 sunset day 3 4Day 3 sunset day 3cont 3

"The students have been busy hands on learning about gibing today. Some shipmates were very lucky as they witnessed a humpback whale breach right out of the water by the ship! Amazing!

Well done to shipmate Luke who has been a super star - cooking meals down below when many shipmates couldn't cope due to their sea sickness!"

Day 3 sunset day 3cont 10

"It’s been a tough couple of days, with 30 hours of continuous sailing, rough seas, night watches and sea sickness, but the students and staff are still in good spirits singing loudly as they sail into a sheltered port for the night."

Day 3 sunset day 3cont 8

Pictured: Great sunset during the night watch this evening, as shipmates saw day 3 come to an end.

Day 3   sunset Day 3cont (5)

Day 3, Leg 1 is done. Incredibly hard days work, with high swell and increasing winds and seeing dolphins.

The adults and students from Venturers Trust are totally inspirational 

#TogetherStronger #whereeverythingspossible

Cirdan Trust Crew

Day 3 sunset

Day 3 2

Photo: Spotted (and photographed) by a passing fisherman as they sail into port at Newlyn Bay.

Day 3 at night off newlyn

Wettestclassroom logo 01


Leg 1 - Day 2 - Oxwich Bay to Newlyn Bay

Day Two - 26th May

(Oxwich Bay to Newlyn Bay - 30 hrs continuous sailing)!

News from the ship: "The Blue Team have been busy in the galley preparing lunch for the others - homemade sausage rolls!"

Day 2 making lunch

Day 2 ropes1"Up on deck it has been very wet today, but then again it is 'the wettest classroom on earth'!!

The shipmates have been learning how to throw ropes today. Everyone has to work hard on the ship and takes it it turns to do all the jobs."

Day 2 ropes2Day 2 ropes3 Day 2 ropes4

Day 2 deck shift
Pictured: On the Green Team's 3-hour night watch session they were lucky to have a beautiful sunset. Teams took it in turn to sit through a night watch, as the ship sailed through the night continuously.

"It’s been a tough day but we’re in good hands with Ciara at the helm and the amazing Cirdan Trust crew."

Day 2 night watch

Hot chocolate for all, to wam themselves before night watch duties throughout the night. 

Hotchoc day 1

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Leg 1 - Day 1 cont. - Sailing down the Bristol Channel to Oxwich Bay

Day One at sea - 25th May

(Bristol to Minehead to Oxwich Bay)

News from the ship: "It has been a long first day, with everyone finding their sea legs.

The shipmates have been tackling new challenges head on - including learning how to hoist the sails!

Screenshot 2019 05 28 at 145234

Day 1 cont (10)

Day 1 cont (22)Day 1 cont 20


Day 1 smiles"The ship had quite a rough nine hours of sailing in the open sea, with multiple shipmates experiencing some form of sea sickness.

The students were happy to be wrapped up warm in their waterproofs!"

Day 1 anchored at minehead(3)

Pictured: Banana and custard to settle the shipmates belly's before the first night in their bunks.

Night 1 leg 1

Day 1Day 1 anchored at minehead(1)

Pictured: The tracked route of the ship, with a late afternoon anchor just outside Minehead. The ship then sailed through the night to Oxwich Bay near Swansea to find a sheltered spot.

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Leg 1 - Day 1 - Departing Bristol & along the River Avon

25th May 2019 - Bon Voyage!

All hands on deck for Venturers Trust students as they live and learn aboard the ‘Wettest Classroom on Earth’.

At 10am on Saturday, eight adventurous Venturers Trust students (3 from Venturers' Academy and 5 from The Dolphin School along with teaching staff), set sail from Welsh Back harbour aboard a classroom like no other! With a host of family, friends, classmates, teachers and governors waving them off on their voyage and with the sound of The Dolphin School choir singing from the dockside.

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Pictured: Shipmates were joined onboard with the Master of the Society of Merchant Venturers for one final wave to the crowds.

The Dolphin School choir

The Dolphin Choir showed great community spirit attending 'The Wettest Classroom on Earth' departure, waving off their classmates on the voyage of a lifetime. The students can't wait to hear all about the ships adventures once their friends return next week.


The Wettest Classroom on Earth departs Bristol:


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Day 1   leaving Bristol harbour DSCF1103Follow the Queen Galadriel, through these photos, as she departs Bristol harbour, stopping traffic as she passes through the swing bridge near Hotwells.

Then under the iconic Clifton Suspension bridge and continuing along the river Avon, until finally passing under the Avonmouth bridge and entering open sea.

Day 1   leaving Bristol harbour DSCF1094

Day 1   leaving Bristol harbour DSCF1111  Day 1   leaving Bristol harbour DSCF1104

Day 1   leaving Bristol harbour DSCF1118Day 1   leaving Bristol harbour IMG 20190525 WA0008

Day 1   leaving Bristol harbour Day 1 route (3)

Day 1   Nr Shirehampton   leaving the riverDSCF1133

Day 1   Nr Shirehampton   leaving the riverIMG 20190526 WA0002

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25th May 2019 - TV Appearances

The Wettest Classroom on Earth appears on BBC Points West, with fantastic footage of the ship sailing under the Clifton Suspension Bridge.

To link to the segment on Points West, it can be accessed via BBC iplayer here (at 03.50) - (Available online for a limited time only).

Day 1   leaving Bristol harbour Day 1 route (2)

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Media interviews - Pre-departure

25th May 2019 - BBC Radio Interview

The Queen Galadriel departs today on the first of eight legs that will take a total of 96 shipmates, made up of school children and teaching staff, around the UK coast over a two-month voyage of adventure, returning back in to Bristol Harbour on 26thJuly.

Two Venturers' Academy students, who will be joining the vessel on later legs, along with Trystan Williams and Alan Chambers attended the BBC Radio studios at 7:30am for a live radio interview discussing the imminent voyage and outlining how the exciting Wettest Classroom on Earth project had began.


Re-listen to their interview on BBC Radio Bristol, play the Breakfast show with Ali Vowles and listen from 7:42am! Click here to visit website


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24th May 2019 - Bristol TV filming

Bristol TV joined us dockside for some interviews with students, family members, teaching staff and Cirdan Trust crew.

View footage on their facebook page or click this link.

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Pre-departure - Ship tour

24th May 2019 - Pre-departure meet up

Students from across the trust joined together aboard the Queen Galadriel for a tour of the vessel and to get to know their fellow shipmates.

Students from Merchants' Academy, The Dolphin School and Venturers' Academy met with Tony Kenny, Master of the Society of Merchant Venturers and other key sponsors of the project who each wished all the shipmates a wonderful voyage. 

Shipmates on board the Queen Galadriel

Wettest classroom group photo 5 copy

Pictured: Tony Kenny, Master of the Society of Merchant Venturers along with key sponsors of the Wettest Classroom on Earth Project and the Executive Lead of Venturers Trust, Trystan Williams. Along side students from Merchants' Academy, The Dolphin School and Venturers' Academy.


Pictured: The Dolphin School shipmates with their academy Principal Shelley Flanagan.

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Pictured: Students practice climbing the bow sprit with their Skipper, Louis Abbott.

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Pictured: Venturers' Academy shipmates with their academy Principal Trystan Williams.

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Img 3534

Pictured: Merchants' Academy shipmates with their academy Assistant Vice Principal Bianca Ramsden.

Img 3485Img 3464

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Pictured: Executive Lead of Venturers Trust, Trystan Williams (centre), with CEO of Cirdan Trust, Leonie Back (left) and Consultant Principal of Kunskapsskolan, Andrea Atkinson (right).

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Img 3501

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Pictured: Governor of Venturers' Academy, Simon Cooper (left) with the academy's Principal / Executive Lead of Venturers Trust, Trystan Williams (right).

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Embarkation Countdown

8th May 2019 - Countdown!

Screenshot 2019 05 08 at 120142

The Queen Galadriel will set sail from Bristol harbour on the 25th May between 9:30-10:30am (tide dependant).

The ship will be docked outside the Arnolfini on Welsh back (find us at BS1 4QA).

Come wave off the ship and wish the students 'Bon voyage!'